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Historical Articles Inspired by Our Travels

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As reason is the glory of man, so the lamp of reason is eloquence.

From days of anguish and anger to days of conflict and calamity.
1. Mutiny on the Bounty
Pitcairn Island

"His mind was his own place and therein he fought his fight, underwent his sufferings and won his triumph."
2. The Real Robinson Crusoe
Alexander Selkirk

History - an account of remarkable facts that have happened in the world.
3.The Man in the Iron Mask

History - brings us tidings of antiquity.
4. Easter Island

History - recounts memories of momentous events.
5. Napoleon Returns

A half-world between liberty and limbo
6. St. Helena

"Napoleon's image took on a new living form in memory and imagination."
7.The 'Little Corporal' Comes Home

A Memorial Like No Other

"An Unmitigated Tactical Debacle"
9. Dieppe

"I love the place."
10. Churchill's Chartwell

"This is the finest view in England."
11. Blenheim

A man above the merely great
11. Churchill's Funeral
Burial at Bladon

The Man Behind The Mariners
12. Portugal
Henry the Navigator At Sagres

A river nourished by the Alpine snows - but for how long!
13. Cruising Down The Rhine River

Lived And Died In The Service of Others
14. Malta
The Knights of St.John of Jerusalem

"An Ancient amphitheatre as imposing as the pyramids"
15. Tunisia
Roman Ruins

"A god to his friends; a devil to his foes"
16. William the Conqueror

"A bubbling broth of molten rock oozed up, up and out."
17. Haleakala
Mountain of Legend

Once considered one of the three most beautiful cities in the world
18. Brugge

The final resting place of Canadian casualties from continental conflicts.
19. Tombs of War

Tourists Will Always Have
20. Paris
City of Light

"He that outlives this day and comes safely home,
Will stand a tiptoe when this day is named."

21. Assault on the Atlantic Wall

Preparation of his tomb was the living pharaoh's primary preoccupation.
22. Ramses I

"An after-life based on legend and romance"
23. Richard Coeur de Lion

From heretic to heroine
24. Jeanne d'Arc

"Their's not to reason why."
25. The Charge of the Light Brigade

"Etruscans are among the irritating obscurities of history."
26. Etruscans

The pillars marked the end of voyaging.
Pillar of Hercules

"The duty had, in fact, fallen on me."
28. Winston's War Rooms

"A melancholic man with enormous creative and intellectual powers."
29. Samuel Johnson

Mummies, their times and tombs make Egypt a never-failing attraction to tourists.
30. King Tut
Et al

Complete with cutlass, eye-patch and hook for a hand.
31. Pirates

Snowbirds In Clearwater
32. Florida

Its breathtaking beauty renews you.
33. Hawaii

We were amused.
34. The Queen Marys

The Big Apple.
35. New York City

Open up that Golden Gate
36. California

Sun and Fun in the Desert
37. Arizona

Create in Onlookers Awe, Wonder, Inspiration and Humility.
38. Gothic Cathedrals

Scene of such savagery
39. The Colosseum

Land of the Clans
40. Scotland

Straits Restrict Access
41. Black Sea Sojourn

"We Alta Go to Malta then Yalta."
42. Yalta

Citizens: Courteous, Clean and Clever
43. Japan

BC's Coastal Islands Are a Long, Long Way from Anywhere
44. Tofino

Scattered Cities All Marching to a Different Drummer
45. Greece

Russia's Second Captital
46. St. Petersburg

München Mag Dich
"Munich Likes You"


Kiwi Country
48 New Zealand

"Tassie," Aussies' Notorious Island State
49. Tasmania

50. Spain

Lively Land Down Under
51. Australia

Tired of Life? Try London.
52. London

To the Tip
53. South America

Go Forth North from Tierra del Fuego
54. South America
Part 2

13th Century Seat of the Royal Hohenzollerns
55. Berlin

History & Mystery
56. Egypt Jordan Israel

Egypt's Most Famed Pharaoh
57. Ramses II

Vistas of a virtual paradise
58. The Caribbean

Numerous city states nicely knitted together
58. Italy

The elusive lauded literary lion
60. Shakespeare

The sleeping giant has awakened.
61. China

Vera Cruz, Vera Cruz, Vera Cruz
62. Mexico

"Bannaba" means "distant" or "far away."
63. Panama

"Pearl of a Place"
64.Circling the Sceptred Isles
Pt. 1

History's Home
65.Circling the Sceptred Isles
Pt. 11

Get on the Bus
66. A Trafalgar Tour

Westminster Hall et al.
67.Palace of Westminster

Grim Memories
68.Tower of London

Mighty Military Installations

San Juan
Puerto Rico

70.El Morro

Not So Invincible
71.Spanish Armada

Wow! How?
72. The Incas
Machu Picchu

It's Nobody's business but the Turks.

San Juan
Puerto Rico

74. Fuerte de San Cristobal

Historical Happenstances

Bowmen brought England a momentous victory.
1. Crecy

A conundrum
2. Richard III

Unfairly faulted
3. Sir Walter Raleigh

The Tragic Trio
4. The Dirty Thirties

Vanish into the mists
5. North Sea

Travel Broadens.

HMCS Cruisin'

We must go down to the sea again.

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